Mini-symposium “Toward the Understanding and Engineering of Complex Systems: Materials to Life”

  • Date & Location: June 22, 2024, 09:55–16:35, Mishima Hall, ELSI, Tokyo Tech., Japan.
  • Registration (free): register now (deadline is June 20, JST)
  • Access to ELSI: see the direction


Note: Each talk includes either a 20-minute or 10-minute presentation followed by a 4-minute Q&A session, with 1 minute allocated for transitioning to the next speaker.

Morning Session (Chair: Miho Yanagisawa, The University of Tokyo, JP)

09:55-10:00Opening Remarks
10:00-10:15Tomoaki Matuura (ELSI, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP)
Slow freeze thaw cycles for creating long DNA and large compartments
10:15-10:40Yi Shen (University of Sydney, AU)
Modulation and detection of protein condensate phase transitions
10:40-11:05Roland L. Knorr (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, DE)
The interaction between membrane-bound and non-membrane-bound compartments: Capillarity and beyond
11:05-11:30Anderson Ho Cheung Shum (The University of Hong Kong and Advanced Biomedical Instrumentation Centre, HK)
Engineering complex materials out of aqueous solution

Lunch Break

Afternoon Session 1 (Chair: Yutetsu Kuruma, JAMSTEC, JP)

13:00-13:15Ryo Mizuuchi (Waseda University, JP)
Translation-coupled RNA replication in all-aqueous droplets
13:15-13:40Moran Frenkel-Pinter (The Hebrew University, IL)
Evolution of complex chemical mixtures
13:40-14:05Sheref S. Mansy (University of Alberta, CA)
Formation, growth, and division of model prebiotic compartments
14:05-14:30Arslan Siddique (The University of New South Wales, AU)
Decoding Protocell Formation: A Model System Simulating Wet-Dry Cycles

Break & Photo

Afternoon Session 2 (Chair: Ryo Mizuuchi, Waseda University, JP)

15:00-15:25Constance B. Bailey (University of Sydney, AU)
Pigment Reporters to Optimize Biosynthetic Protein Expression in Cell Free Systems
15:25-15:50Karen Polizzi (Imperial College London, UK)
Integrating living biosensors into manufacturing processes
15:50-16:15Seung Soo Oh (Pohang University of Science and Technology, KR)
Protein-like nucleic acids in conjugation
16:15-16:30Yutetsu Kuruma (JAMSTEC, JP)
Cell-free gene expression for artificial cells
16:30-16:35Closing Remarks (Yutetsu Kuruma)

Organized by Tomoaki Matsuura (ELSI), Miho Yanagisawa (The University of Tokyo), Yutetsu Kuruma (JAMSTEC), Kosuke Fujishima (ELSI), Tony Z Jia (ELSI), and Ryo Mizuuchi (Waseda University)

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